Honesty is always the best policy!

Due to recent news stories about dishonest Pest Control Companies we would like to try to clear the air a bit. Here at Northeastern Exterminating we truly believe that honesty is very much, the best policy. Our main goal of being in business is to solve our customers’ pest problems in the most profitable but fair way. There should be no excuse to do anything dishonest. As a business owner I understand that your home is your kingdom and there is no reason to do anything disrespectful or dishonest in someones home or place of business.

Since we opened our doors in 1994 we have been nothing but honest to our customers. We always will use the proper materials when treating, and always charge a fair price. We also always believe in complete clarity in our treatments. If the customer need an explanation we will give it without hesitation or tricks. No smoke and mirrors here.  If the customers are suspicious or curious at all they can watch us break the seal to the chemical and mix it right in front of them. Another thing we dont do is steal. We have never, and will never steal from our customers. As i stated earlier, I understand that your home is your castle and appreciate your business.
We must tell you to do your due diligence when hiring a company. Always make sure they hold a recent up to date license in your state. Always make sure there is not any bad press about that particular company. Check out their reputation on line and with the BBB. Let someone in your home that you trust and confide in.
Please understand that not us all Pest Control Pro’s are bad people. The majority of us are good, honest, hardworking, family people. We want you to sleep tight, bug free and happy. We want to rid you of your bug problem without leaving you broke. As an industry most of us are good guys and gals. Dont let the bad press of dishonest pest control companies give us all a bad name.

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