Guarantees Of Pest Control Work

Whenever a homeowner is in need of work by a private contractor, one of the most important aspects of the job that help determine which company they will use is the warranty or guarantee period and details. Price and company reputation are also considered by the customer but guarantee period is always what makes the customer feel comfortable with the work being done. With pest control, a guarantee is very important to give because pests can cause structural damage to homes and can cause psychological/physical harm to customers.

When creating a guarantee on a pest control treatment the pests biology must be taken into consideration. Life span, harborages, and food sources must be thought about so that the terms and conditions can be specified in the contract. If a customer doesn’t have proper sanitation conditions this may breach the guarantee. As the customers will be at home much longer then the PCO they must do their part to keep the place pest free by keeping unfriendly pest conditions. Warranties/Guarantees are a two way street. Most reputable companies will have terms you need to follow to keep these warranties/guarantees valid. In pest control guarantees some of these terms may be very detailed so be sure your pest control professional explains these to you in detail and make sure you read what you sign.
Some pest control companies will try to be competitive with their guarantees. There are usually industry wide similarities on how long certain guarantees will last. Companies may also try to match competitors guarantees to have an upper hand or be on a level playing field. As a customer, you must be careful of suspiciously long or non-existant warranties. If the warranty is too good to be true then dig a little deeper on that company. Work that is performed without a guarantee or warranty should be questioned. There may be reasons for no guarantee but usually all work should be guaranteed.

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