Google Bug Busters

How do you think Google would do if they became interested in the Pest Control industry? Ever hear of Google Bug Busters? Google is known as one of one of the most innovative and dominate companies in the 21st century technology space. The reason they have been able to be so successful is because of their ability to stay ahead of the technology curve. But lets think for a minute, what if Google opened up their own exterminating branch? Would this be good or bad for the industry? In todays blog post we will weigh out why most business owners would not want Google to be interested in the pest control industry.

  1. When google launches their next secret Drone project, all of us exterminators will be shivering in our bug boots. Directed by Google Maps, Google will launch a drone to the customers home free of charge to perform an pest inspection. The fact of the matter is that for us small business owners to perform pest inspections we have to send a technician to the property which costs us money. For pennies on the dollar Google will be able to send a unmanned drone to the property to survey the area and any pests that may be present. Google would win in that category..for now.
  2. Next, google will launch an APP that only their technicians can use VIA Google glass. This app will allow the Google Bug Busters to see through walls at where the pests may be entering. This will allow the Google Bug Busters to apply materials where needed, and will also aide in rodent proofing. It will also second as a laser beam to kill any pests on contact (only for the chemical sensitive accounts).
  3. Google is becoming very active in the home automation space but how can you auto mate pest control? The same way they do with anything else, a robot! For an added fee Google X  will have a small robot on patrol 24/7. This robot will hide in the kitchen. On the site of any rodents, this robot will suck up the rodent for safe keeping. Since google is known to be very humane, this robot will release the rodent back out into the wild for safe living. No need for setting mouse traps anymore.
  4. Google Bed Bug is another project by Google X. Google Bed Bug will be a tiny robot that behaves, and looks just like a bed bug. Except this bed bug can speak the native bed bug language. We can call him/her the bed bug negotiator. This bed bug robot will convince all the other bed bugs that this is not a safe place to hide. This will be one of the most expensive bed bug treatments out their due to the high cost to build the Bed Bug Robot. Early estimates range the robot of costing $5.000 per bed room.
What do you think Google could do to be innovative in the pest control industry? Anything that Google touches will turn into gold. Do you think they will ever be interested in pest eradication? We hope not! Google does great where they are, beside i am sure they not too happy about roaches and bed bugs crawling on their employees.

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