Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

On a daily basis we get many emails at our office about bed bugs. Since the internet has so much information about bed bugs we want to address some of the questions we see very often. Please understand that everything you read and see online is not true. Many pest control blogs and websites are written by SEO companies who are NOT technicians and have no experience with any insects. Always do some fact checking as to who is writing what you are reading. It is your job to do research about what you read!

Here are a few common questions:
Q:   Can i just treat one bed room if i have a problem? Its only in one room and there is no need to treat any other areas
A:   The first action that needs to be taken is an inspection. During the inspection it can be determined which rooms the bed bugs are more likely to be in. Depending on what type of treatment you choose, it may be necessary to treat all areas. It also depends on how long you had the infestation. If the infestation is small enough and only a few days only (rare occasions) then you can get away with treating that one room, BUT the other sleeping areas should be placed under a monitoring program. By using passive and active monitors after treatment, this is a sure fire way to see if the problem still persists.
Q:   If i send you a photo of my skin reactions, can you tell me if its bed bugs? 
A:   Although bed bugs are known to bite in a pattern of three known as breakfast,lunch,and dinner– this is probably the worst way to determine you have bed bugs. If you are suspicious of bed bugs you may hire a trained professional to come in to perform an inspection on your home determine if you have bed bugs.
Q:    I am still itchy, and i still have bites after you performed an inspection. My dermatologist said it is definitely bed bugs. 
A:   Dermatologists cannot determine if the bites on your skin are actually from bed bugs. Sorry. All inspections are guaranteed, but you may want to investigate other avenues. Sometimes these reactions could be an allergy.
Q:   Is it true if i sleep in my living room for 2 months it will kill all the bugs in my bed room?
A:   Sorry but no. If getting rid of bugs were that easy, then pest control would not be a business. Unfortunately the bugs will probably find you within a few days and begin to infest your new sleeping area.
Q:   It’s 15 degrees outside today. If i put all my belongings outside to sit in the freezing weather, won’t this freeze all the bed bugs?
A:   Please don’t do this. Not only are you risking ruining your furniture due to being weather beaten you won’t get rid of the bed bugs. Bed bugs are great at lowering their body temps and going into a short “hibernation” mode. Bed bugs will also be living in your carpet, baseboards, light sockets etc. Opening your window won’t work either. Also, moving all your furniture outside will likely cause bugs to drop off in common areas like hallways. The bed bugs will find you once again.
Q:  You’ve come here to inspect, but you don’t have a dog? How will you find then, aren’t they invisible?
A:   Some companies offer K9 inspections while others don’t. A well trained/experienced human is just as good as a K9 at inspections in small homes. If it were an office, K9’s have an advantage due to the amount of time it takes for the inspection. Also humans are more thorough as they can lift furniture and investigate further. And no, bed bugs are very visible. Familiarize your self with some photos of bedbugs

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