Department of Health Is Spraying NYC For Mosquitoes

It is the peak of mosquito season here in NYC and the DOH is spraying certain areas for mosqiutoes by truck. Many residents are starting to see posted signs and getting robo-calls from the Department of Health informing the public when they will be in their area to spray. Many parents are very concerned about if these chemicals are doing more harm then good for their children.
Spraying outside by truck or helicopter is the lesser of two evils. Every year people notice the truck driving down the block — flashing lights and announcements. Although the ideal scenario is to not have mosquitoes or pesticides, is it very important to reduce the population of mosquitos in your our to prevent the spread of disease. Since mosquitos are blood feeding and disease carrying pests, it is a good idea for New York City to treat annually for mosquitos.
The biggest concern in our area are the mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus. Since there have been a few cases of the west nile virus in NYC so far this summer, its beneficial for all of us for the city to fumigate. The chemical they are using is a synthetic pesticide called Anvil 10+10. Information about Anvil can be found here.
When its time for your block to be sprayed you will hear the ULV spray truck coming down your block. It is usually accompanied by a police car with flashing lights warning people to go indoors as they pass the block. The reason they want you to go indoors is for your own safety. The chemical is proven to be safe when sprayed at a low dose but you always want to take the proper precautions.
Here are some other ways we reccomend that you can minimize exposure:
  1. When you see the truck coming down the street/avenue go inside.
  2. Close your windows right before dusk. They will usually spray at a later hour such as after 9pm
  3. Close the vents on your air conditioner units. If you have window fans in, switch them to the “exhaust” option.
  4. Anything that you are concerned about being exposed to the pesticide such as barbecues, lawn furniture, children’s toys or sporting goods make sure you take them indoors.
If you have any chemical sensitivities or are concerned about the chemical being used you can read all the safety info on the Pesticide label here or you can contact the Dept. of Health by DIALING 311. 

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