Dating Advice For Men From An Exterminator

When someone hears the word “Exterminator” they probably think of everything but dating tips– Bed bug killing tips, Roach sprays, B&G cans are all things people think of when you mention an exterminator. Believe it or not due to the numerous amount of people that pest management professionals meet on a daily basis they truly know how to be the next Rico Suave. Now heres the disclaimer, use these tips at your own discretion because they have not been tested out in any types of studies. Don’t forget, chicks dig uniforms.

  1. If she hates roaches, make sure when you visit her home you release roaches in her apartment so she calls you over and you get to spend more time with her.
  2. If she’s suspicious of bed bugs and she feels itchy just tell her to take her clothes off so you can examine the bites.
  3. If you want to spend the night at her place, tell her you brought your work home and your bed is infested with bed bugs. You’ll need to sleep at her place till your place is clear of bed bugs! This could take anywhere from 1 day-never.
  4. Call backs are always free but only if she’s pretty.
  5. When you take her out on a date, you could tell her which restaurants are pest free.
  6. Since you spend so much time in different houses you can be up to date on home decor trends which will make you seem more stylish.
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