Bug Jokes!

Here at Northeastern Exterminating, our owner Joe loves a good bug joke. He has been known to tell one or two to the children of customers to make them smile. Nothing is better then a pest control company that has a nice sense of humor. In todays blog post we will tell a couple of good bug jokes. For the sake of everyone we will keep them clean for the kiddies.

  • What would you call an ant that just wont go away?  permanant
  • Why didn’t the Butterfly go to the prom? It was a Moth ball
  • What do Bee’s put on their sushi? Wasabee
  • What gas station does snails use? Shell
  • Have you heard about the pregnant bed bug? She gave birth in the spring
  • What has 4 wheels and flies?? A garbage truck
  • Why do anteaters never get sick? Because they have antibodies
We hope we put a smile on your face! Although there is a time and place to be serious we thought we would lighten up some spirits out there. Pest control is serious, but theres always time for a joke.Whether you are a pest control pro, comedian or just a regular Joe feel free to leave a comment below with any more jokes!

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