Blood, Sweat And Tears of Owning A Small Business

Those who don’t have their own businesses don’t understand the connection that business owners feel with their business. After being sick and tired of working for a larger company, busting my behind and still not making ends meat I decided enough was enough. I took all my knowledge, experience and decided to start my own business. I utilized my positive and Negative experiences with the prior company to perfect my craft. The reasons I did it was strictly financial at the time but i didn’t realize what I was in for.

The first few days I was excited that I just couldn’t wait for that first job. I would sit by the phone even though I wasn’t advertising yet. Hoping for word of mouth reccomendations I was setting up appointments with advertising companies to put my listing in local phone books and small local billboards. I would Call around many local companies to see what the going rate was for services and what the guarantees were that are included in the service. I even hired a local guy to treat for ants so i could see what I was up against on the local level. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed but didn’t realize what I was in for. Little did i realize this business would turn into a living breathing organism. Having a business is like an extension of your self, its like having another child and heres why:
  1. Funding. Even though your business and personal expenses should be separate its not. When your starting out there is only so much credit you can obtain. You have to use a lot of out of pocket money to get the ball rolling. Even now 20+ years down the road I reach into my pocket when it is needed. The business has become self sufficient which is a blessing. Many businesses don’t make it past the 5 year hump.
  2. You take everything too personal. If you hear someone say something bad about your business, it irks you. Maybe I can only speak from experience but I don’t like a bad word to be said about my business. I take all my knowledge from past workplaces, customer encounters and use that as a tool every day. Whenever I find out a customer is unsatisfied I will go out my self and do what I can, no matter the distance. I feel as if the business is a representation of me so i want my work to reflect that.
  3. You can’t get it off your mind. When the season is slow, its like your child has a cold. Every business has a slow season. In pest control it is usually the dead of winter. Although its a nice vacation you always want new accounts. They say idle hands are the devils workshop and I always need to work. Having a business of your own will give you sleepless nights and long hard working days. When your not physically working theres a small part of you that is in work mode.
  4. You can’t let it fail. You have too much to lose. You have given it your all and theres nothing any one else will do to help you. You’ve got to do it all your self and your family. If your the bread winner, then business is your bread.
I commend all business owners as well as all future business owners. Opening your own small business is not easy, but if you do it right you can make money and have the time of your life. You’ll have good days and bad. Happy memories and stressful ones. The important thing is that you wake up every morning and it shouldn’t feel like work. It should come natural to you. If you have one kid, business will be your second child. If you have three, now you have four. Blood sweat and tears is what it is all about and its all worth it.

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