Best Exterminator on Earth

When a Pest control professional claims to be the “Best Exterminator on Earth” they must back it up. Some of the newer younger guys in the game like to boast and brag about new technology and newer methods. We all know nothing wins like experience and hard work. The purpose of this blog today is to tell you why we are truly the best exterminators on this planet we call earth.

Nothing wins like experience. Being the Best exterminator on Earth is as easy as counting the rings around a freshly chopped down redwood. Some like Steve Jackson may be a bushy tailed young buck but he can’t withstand bed bug infestations, animals running at him, and dealing with NYC crack heads quite like an experienced veteran. The younger guys may have a little more spring in their step but us older guys have a bit more swag in our step.
There is a lot of pressure being the best exterminator on earth. The constant media attention is enough pressure alone but being the best of the best, we know how to handle it. There is pressure from the haters who want to call themselves the best pest control specialists on earth but we use that as fuel to keep this trolly going. Just like the worlds coolest exterminator put it last year, we just wear our “Hater Blocker” sun glasses.
The focus to keep your eye on the price can get a bit foggy when you’re the best. But when you wake up every morning reminded of how great you really are helps to put your vision back into 20/20. Online yelp reviews, customer recomendations all help the best exterminator on earth keep his ego right where it needs to be. When all day you have everyone telling you that your the best exterminator, it kind of makes you think, “Maybe its true.”.
This article on how how to be the best just touches on some valid points but it doesn’t get specific enough. There is so much responsibility when your trying to uphold the reputation of being the best. Steve Jackson may be the best exterminator in Georgia, but not the planet earth. Mickey Ferrell is a great pest pro on Mars..but we all know Northeastern Exterminating employees the Best Exterminators on earth.

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