Being Responsible with Juliea Huffaker

In todays blog post we would like to interview one of the hardest working women in pest control, Juliea Huffaker. In an industry that was once dominated by Males, Women are becoming more ever present in pest control and deserve much more of the spotlight. Juliea works very on social media, in the office and sometimes you can even find her on the route for Responsible Pest Control. From Flier girl, to customer service rep all the way to SEO she does it all for them! Lets hear a bit more about the wonderful Juliea Huffaker and what she has to say on todays Q&A!

Hey Julia, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. Please introduce your self and tell us about Responsible Pest Control.
Julia: Sure and thanks for the opportunity. My name is Juliea Huffaker. I am an Arizona pest control savvy mother of five.
Having kids is a job of its own! Please tell us how you gt started in pest control? What other jobs have you worked?
Julia: My start in the pest control industry came EARLY when I was 13 years old. My father started Responsible Pest Control in 1990, and I was his flier girl before school. When I turned 19 Years old I graduated to a part time customer service rep. By age 21 I had gotten married (to one of the current owners of Responsible Pest Control) and passed my Field Rep test, and started servicing residential routes. By age 22 my Dad offered my husband ownership in the company, and I continued working with my mom as the secretary. Now I do all the website copywriter and on page SEO (Well I’m learning that as I go)
What a great story, I love when I hear businesses stay in the family. If pest control wasn’t an option what is your dream job and why?

Juliea: my dream job would be to just be a Mother to my kids! Balancing work and being the kind of mom I want to be to 5 kids (ages 4-15) is difficult.
Yeah they sure can be a handful. Amazing to know — you seem like such a great mom. The kids are very lucky to have such a hard working passionate mother. What the most amazing thing you’ve seen while working for Responsible Pest Control?
Juliea: That would have to be figuring out (with my husband) how to effectively treat, kill, and eliminate scorpions! They are the toughest pest to control I’ve ever known!
I’m sure glad here in Brooklyn, New York we don’t have to deal with scorpions. I think we have gotten one call for scorpions in the 20 years we have been in business. An out of town freight shipment brought them in. Very difficult pest to eradicate! What differentiates Responsible Pest Control from others firms?
Julia: We focus on scorpions during general pest control treatments using responsible methods as opposed to just power spraying an entire yard.
Yes very true. Some companies use the ‘spray and pray’ approach. Juliea, It is becoming more increasingly common to see females in this industry, but you are still in the minority. Why do you think that is?
Juliea: I’m pretty sure most women prefer to stay as far away from bugs as possible! I think bugs are cool, when I can study them from afar! Plus – being a technician is very physically demanding! It requires muscle and endurance to treat homes all day long!
What do you think females can offer then males might not be able to?
Juliea: I think females offer increased understanding of customers. As a mother I relate to other mothers who are concerned about their families safety from pests and pesticides! I think That the majority of adults at home during the day are still women, and a female technician can be more comfortable to have in their home.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Juliea: The pest control industry has been a blessing to me and my family for a very long time. The most important thing I’ve learned is that success comes from loving your customers and treating them like the extended family that the become!
Thank you for taking time our of your day to speak with us Juliea! Hopefully everyone learned a little bit more about the hardest working woman in the business!

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