Bed Bug Ovens for Greener Bed Bug Treatments

Heat treatments have been at the forefront of bed bug control for the past 10 years. Many customers look at heat treatments to offer a greener treatment but they usually fetch for a larger price then conventional bed bug treatments. In response to this there are companies such as Zappbug that offer smaller ovens to heat treat certain items that many not be able to be treated by pest control materials. This gives customers the ability to prep much better in the comfort of their homes.
We’ve reached out to Rose Eckert-Jantze from Zappbug Inc. to help us answer some questions and spread the good word about wonderful products that We use and we recommend Zappbug to all customers who are in need for extra prep work in their homes. Feel free to introduce your self Rose!
Rose: Thanks for the opportunity James. I’m Rose Eckert-Jantzie and I’m Team Lead at ZappBug. I’ve been working at ZappBug for a little over a year and a half and oversee customer service and shipping logistics. ZappBug is a start-up out of Seattle; we began in 2012 and have had our current range of products since late 2013. We’re a young company that’s eager to grow with the pest control industry and help people eliminate bed bugs!
James: Great to hear that you’re a start up, we love to see small companies grow. We love to watch those small businesses become big ones! Looks like you guys are on the right track. By the way, We recommend your product to many of our clients cause we know it works. Tell everyone why the Zappbug is great for those people who have Bed bugs? Even if they are being treated professionally, why is it good for them to use the Zappbug oven?
RoseSure!  ZappBug uses heat treatment to kill bed bugs, which die within minutes at 120F. This temperature is low enough to be safe for most items (including electronics) yet it will still effectively eliminate bed bugs at all life stages. You can use ZappBug to prevent infestations by treating your luggage when you get home from a trip, or you can use it on more delicate items that you don’t necessarily want chemically treated while an exterminator treats the rest of your house. One of the best features of all ZappBug products is their ease of use and portability. We also try to be as cost effective as possible and offer our products at the lowest prices we can so that customers who can’t necessarily afford professional treatment can still have a valuable tool to fight bed bugs with.
James: This is a great point, Rose. There are just so many customers who have books, shoes, artwork and instruments and are worried about the bed bugs living in those items. We offer to treat them with DDVP strips but they don’t want these items to be treated with DDVP pest strips like Nuvan strips. These bed bug ovens are a great alternative to offer the customer. So how does it exactly work?
RoseAll ZappBug units use convection heat treatment. Once you put your items in the ZappBug simply place the included wireless thermometer probe in the middle of them and let the unit run for one hour at 120F. It’s simple and effective every time – bed bugs actually die within a couple minutes at 120F, but we recommend running it for one hour at that temperature so that no matter where you’ve placed the thermometer you’re sure that all bed bugs in all life stages are dead. We also include timers with all our units so that if you aren’t there to monitor treatment you can set the unit and have it automatically turn off when treatment is complete.
James: Sounds promising! I wouldn’t want to be a bed bug in those circumstances! What about larger objects? I know some customers have large instruments like bass guitars or small desks they are worried about. What sizes do you offer at this point?
RoseWe have three models available:
    • The ZappBug Heater –  37″ x 23″ x 23″
    • The ZappBug Oven 2 – 39.5″ x 39.5″ x 28″
    • The ZappBug Room – 111″ x 57″ x 78″ –  (This unit is a large tent that can treat furniture including couches, tables, chairs, and beds up to a California King; it’s also very portable and comes in two carry bags for ease of use.)
James: Wow thats amazing, a California King! What a great idea to have such a large size it must be popular. I know NYC’ers these days are really battling bed bugs. My question is what cities are your products popular with?
RoseNew York is generally one of the places we see the most use, but we’ve seen sales take off all over the country in the last couple years. It really seems like bed bugs are everywhere these days!
James: I believe it! My finial question for you today Rose is this. How can Pest Control Professionals across the country benefit from using the Zappbug oven or any other oven heating product?
RoseOur product is great to use alongside conventional treatments. We’ve seen a lot of pest control companies use our ZappBug Room to heat treat bedding, mattresses, upholstered furniture, etc., while treating the house/apartment with residuals. That way you can be sure that your couch is bed bug free and also chemical free! A lot of customers also buy our smaller portable units after they’ve had their houses professionally treated so that they can prevent the risk of a new infestation by treating their luggage whenever they return from a trip.
James: Rose thank you for all your time and answering all of our questions. Keep up the good work over there at Zappbug Inc. and we look forward to seeing much more innovating products in the future.
If you have any questions or need advice on heat treating any items in your home you can contact Zappbug or email us. Please be sure to read all product labels before using any ovens for treatments. 
Disclaimer: We have no financial or business relationship with Zappbug we just love their stuff! We have received no compensation for this article. 

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