Bed Bug Monitoring Program: 3 Easy tips

Frightened customers frequently question us about what they can do to prevent a bed bug infestation. Although there is no reasonable way to prevent them, there are wonderful ways they can be monitored to reduce the severity of infestation. When dealing with bed bugs, early detection is key to limiting the cost and stress of removing the infestation. There are tips that can be given to reduce the chance of bed bugs, but nothing is 100%. In today’s blog post we will explain what we recommend should be done during a professional bed bug monitoring program. Find out if your local pest control company offers this as a service.

  1. Passive bed bug monitor. This is one of the best ways to detect an active infestation. The actual monitor could be found at accompanied with a video to explain how to use it. It is not a trap and in no way traps the bugs. It is ideally installed by the head of your bed (box spring, head board). Since it is an ideal harborage it can be checked weekly by the homeowner to see if they detect any bed bug fecal on the white trim of the monitor. It can also be installed and inspected by an exterminator as a part of a bed bug monitor program.
  2. Mattress encasements. When talking about monitoring bed bugs, mattress encasements are a great detection method. Installing a mattress encasement and a boxspring encasement reduces the areas that bed bugs can hide, which makes it much easier to detect. Try purchasing a mattress cover that has some sort of zipper lock to prevent bugs from entering through the zipper. On a monthly basis inspect the mattress cover for any rips or tears.
  3. Annual Inspection. Believe it or not some people are non reactive to bed bug bites. What this means is that their immune system does not give an adverse reaction to the bites, which means no skin reactions. Many people reply on their bodies to alert them of bed bugs. You dont know if your a non-reactive host till its too late. This is why you greatly benefit from a professional bed bug inspection on an annual basis. Even exterminators inspect their own beds for bed bugs!
Bed bugs are a very real problem in the United states and the earlier you catch them the better. If your located in Brooklyn, New York please contact us about our bed bug monitoring rates. If you live outside New York City contact your local pest control professional to find out if they offer this service. You can contact us for any further questions or leave a comment below.

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