Bed Bug Encasements : Fact and Fiction

The sale of bed bug encasements has become a multi-million dollar industry within the last 10 years. Once the bed bug epidemic hit the United States, everyone tried to jump on the bed bug band wagon. Companies started to open up to produce natural bed bug sprays, traps, monitors and more importantly mattress encasements. In todays blog we will focus primarily on the fact and fiction of “bed bug proof” mattress encasements.

Many exterminators and business owners will push people to purchase mattress covers that claim to bed  ” bed bug proof “. Here at Northeastern Exterminating we are always honest with our customers. We always believe in being absolutely honest when it comes to advice for the client. Before we get into the fact and fiction we want to explain that we are just trying to prevent you from spending money un-necessarily. If your PCO recommends a mattress encasement and it seems as if its for a valid reason, listen to them. We are just pointing out the common misconceptions and want to educate the public a bit on the matter.
One true fact is that a Mattress encasement is  a great way to save your mattress from future infestations. This is one of the few reasons we think its great to purchase a well made mattress encasement. Many people have expensive mattresses and would do anything to protect it. A quality mattress encasement will prevent bed bugs from infesting the mattress. This could save you thousands in the future.
A common tale of fiction is that a Mattress encasement will repel bed bugs from your bed. This is just not true. Any one who tells you that having a bed bug mattress encasement for your bed will prevent you from getting bed bugs is a bold face liar. The fact of the matter is that the insect will still thrive on other items in the room. People are under the impression that bed bugs live solely in mattresses, and if they cannot access the mattress the bugs will go else where. We have even seen bed bugs living on mattress encasements!
Another important fact is that placing a mattress encasement on your box spring is a great idea to prevent a difficult treatment in the future. Bed bugs LOVE box springs. There are many nooks and crannies that they feel comfortable in. Encasing your box spring will make things easier for you and the exterminator if you ever have an infestation in the future.
Some exterminators will tell you that instead of getting rid of your mattress, you can save the money by buying an mattress encasement and just trapping the insects inside the encasement. We always use this analogy when talking to customers.
” If your dog has fleas, do you throw away the dog or just get rid of the fleas?”
The same goes for a mattress cover. If your dog has fleas do you wrap it in plastic till the fleas die? NO! This is a silly question designed to make you realize the truth. Trapping live bed bugs inside a mattress encasement is a problem waiting to happen. Since bed bugs are known to live without a meal for 7-9 months, encasing live bugs inside a matress cover is just a ticking time bomb. One rip, or if the zipper opens again you can be re-introducing the problem back into your home.
On the other hand, sometimes it is necessary to get rid of your boxspring in extreme cases like this. Sometimes the problem is so bad that it only makes sense to rid your home of the main source of the infestation. Still, here at Northeastern, we will always try to save your furniture. Using methods such as steam can be very effective at treating fabric items.
Again, we want you to be smart when purchasing mattress covers. Be logical. If you are confused and need any advice about a situation similar to this feel free to comment below or send us an email on our Contact us page. If you are another exterminator and have some more fact or fiction tips to add please feel free to do so below! We look forward to hearing from you!

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