Be Honest With Your Exterminator!

Honesty is always the very best policy, even when it comes to servicing your home for pests. It is a common trend for customers to stretch the truth and at times outright lie to their exterminators. The client might lie about duration of the infestation, type of insect, and even if they have treated the problem themselves. When you lie to your exterminator, your just lying to your self and making everyone job more difficult. If you plan to be untruthful to your exterminator, plan on reaching deeper in those pockets. In todays blog post we will speak about some lies people will tell to pest elimination technicians.

  1. I didn’t try to treat the problem my self. First of all, exterminators know when your lying. If you’ve used any pesticides, or any house hold products to treat your self please let them know. This information may be very important to them because if you have been treating long enough, these pests may have built a resistance to that class of pesticide. Being truthful will help the technician understand how to treat your problem better. Also by self treating the problem it could change the behavior of the pest at hand and even worse it could spread the problem. Self treatment could make the bugs hide in places they would usually not be. So be honest about this!
  2. I have only had this problem for a few days. When a inspector is performing a bed bug inspection, and the client tells them they have only noticed bites for a day or two, the tech can tell by the size of the infestation if you are lying or  not. By telling them that a year old bed bug problem has only been present in your home for a few days only makes the customer look untrustworthy and foolish. Seasoned pros know right away how long you have had your problem. So again, be honest!
  3. If you have hired an exterminator in the past. Again, people feel embarrassed so they do not want to divulge this but the fact is we know when your property has been treated in the past. This falls under the same standard as self treatment. If another exterminator has come and failed, we want to know what methods they have used so we know what to avoid.
  4. The type of pest. Just because you know an flea treatment is cheaper then a bed bug treatment does not mean you should tell the technician that you have fleas. No two treatments are the same and you will have to end up paying triple because of your deception.
Pest control technicians are the greatest detectives out there. You can put us in any bug scenario and we can tell you many things: What the pest is, how long you have had it, if you’ve unsuccessfully treated and if you have hired someone. When a well experienced pest control professional is performing an initial inspection for pests, just be honest with them. These questions that the technicians ask can help them identify and treat for pests. Customers will sometimes lie about the extent or duration of problem cause they think it will be cheaper for them. Because we were told false information, we may treat in the wrong places which will lead us to use more product. Remember we don’t judge you, we want to get rid of your problem. If you didn’t understand till now we will say it one more time. JUST BE HONEST!

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