American Buggy Awards

Every year, pests across the world try their best to be as destructive as possible while other insects just flaunt their beauty. We thought what a better way to recognize these bugs by giving away awards to them. Today we will announce the winners of the first annual American Buggy Awards. Out of millions of votes and thousands of man hours we have reached our verdict. Counting the votes did not go without its arguments and controversies but we have finally reached our results for the awards. Lets take a look and see if your favorite pest made the list!

  1. The winner of the “Most Destructive Pest” award goes to the Termite. Known to quietly and secretly cause billions of damage across the country the Termites attack any structures made of wood. They are ruthless, and have no remorse. The runner up for this topic,  was the asian long horned beetle, but the Termite was just more familiar with our voters it seems.
  2. The winner of the “Most Creepy Pest” went to the Cimex Lectularius or better known as the Bed bug. We think that this pest won because of how sneaky it can be when infesting your home. Many people do not know they have bed bugs right away. The runner up for this award was the Maggot. Nothing says creepy more then festering, rotting flesh like an infestation of thousands of maggots.
  3. The award for the “Most Beautiful Insect” goes to the Calleta Silkmoth. Bursting with beautiful colors like orange, green and blue you really take the cake! Such beautiful patterns and shapes put all other insects to shame.
  4. The award for the “Most Annoying Pest” goes to the Mosquito. Although you share an itchy bite with a few other insects, the others don’t ruin outdoor events as bad as the mosquito. Having a cook out? Concert? No worries, the Mosquito will be there to make sure you are itching all night long. The runner up for this award was the house fly. Buzzing around your ear and landing on your dinner sure can sure get on your nerves.
Because this was the first year, we only had a few topics. With the help of out blog readers and the general public we hope to come up with many more topics for the second annual American Buggy Awards which will be in 2015. If you think another pest should have won in a category, let us know why in the comment section below!

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