A Temporary Goodbye To Titus Pest?

Anyone who knows Steve Jackson knows that he is an awesome guy who knows a lot about his line of work. Family man, hustler, old fashion hard worker, and over all good guy Steve is the last of a dying breed. After hearing some rumors he might be moving and selling the business we wanted to reach out to see if these rumors were true. We would like to thank Steve to take time our of his busy busy schedule to speak to us.


James: Hey Steve! Well, after listening to your latest episode on Arthropod alley, it sounds like your looking to sell the business and leave town. Its probably a bitter sweet endeavor since you have much a well oiled machine over there at Titus pest. How long has Titus Pest been in business? I know I see my business as my baby and the customers as my children, it must be hard to let them go? Are there any accounts that you’ll really miss in particular?
Steve: Titus has been around for five years. I see my business and customers very similar to you. I’ll miss a huge percentage of my customers. My customer base is mostly in a 10 mile radius, so I see them at the grocery store, movie theater, high school events, church… It’s going to be tough.
James: Thats something I can really related to. All our customers are part of our family and I couldn’t imagine saying goodbye. How do you think the pests in warner robins reacted to this news?
Steve: We haven’t leaked the news to the arthropod community. This type of thing takes planning and cooperation from colleagues.
James: I think all the pests will be pretty happy to hear your leaving town. Since you’re the best, I don’t think anyone can do it quite like you.How do you want Titus pest control to be remembered?
Steve:Hum…. Long pause. I don’t see this as the end of Titus Pest Control –just the end of Titus in Warner Robins. When my wife retires from the military and we can settle down in a community for more than 3-4 years, I’ll consider bringing back Dan “The Titus Can”.
James: Thats great to hear Steve! Cant wait to see titus pop back up in a few years I am really looking forward to it. Steve, do you think you will continue to be a PCO during the move? Any other possible careers you’ve considered?
Steve: PCO for life. It’s in my blood.
James: Good answer! Phew.. I was hoping you’d say that. You can’t take the Pest Control outta the man! Steve, I never really hear from those who sell their businesses they kind of just disappear into the sunset. For some reason many do it in private during times of need etc. Care to explain why you’ve decided to sell? 
Steve: My wife’s building a pretty impressive career in the USAF. This year, she was transferred halfway across the country. Although our business is doing well, it’s not doing well enough to survive without my blood, sweat and tears. Considering my health concerns/issues, choosing between the two is a “no-brainer”.
James: God bless her and thank her for her service from all of us at Northeastern Exterminating. Brave souls like her make it possible for us to wake up with a smile on our faces! Will you continue to post podcast episodes (Fingers crossed)? 
Steve: The podcast will continue, we enjoy doing it.
James: Yeah!!! Jumping up and down for joy. You sent me an arthropodcast shirt which I wear as much as I can, I love representing! Its truly a great podcast and always listen during major treatments. Listening to your conversations kills time and is super informative. What is your goal for the podcast?
Steve: It’s a long shot, but we’d love to make podcasting our careers. We can dream, right? 
James: Hey like I said its super informative and very interesting so I am sure it will grow on a daily basis. I do my part to spread the word! Is there some relief in the fact that if you decide to pursue pest control in your new hometown that you’ll be an employee rather then owner? Owner comes with so many sleepless nights and worries that it may contribute to so much stress.
Steve: I guess there are pros and cons to each position. I’m concerned the past five years have spoiled me – treatment methods, product selection, work schedule…. I’ve had the final say on every decision. Have I become one of those closed-minded crabby old men that have all the answers? I hope not, but we’ll find out!
James: Steve, you’re gonna be over qualified for your next job. You’re gonna make someone a great tech and a wonderful trouble shooter. I call 6 figure salary for you! Are your credentials still valid in your new hometown or do you need to take a totally new test for Pest Control Applicator?
Steve: I’ll have to re-test (boo sound effects in the background).
James: Well that sucks, but hey maybe you’ll learn something new. I am sure different pests in different areas! Always something new to learn. In 20 years from now how do you think you’ll look back on your humble beginnings at titus pest?
Steve: I’d like to think it was an extremely valuable learning experience that propelled us to something very special.
James:Sorry if i got a little personal with you steve, but by far you’re my favorite PCO in the country next to a few close buddies and family so i think you owe it to us! Its hard to find such a smart, driven, educated PCO with the drive to be so active in the community. Glad to hear you’ll still be active on Social media but it will be sad to see the Titus Can and Jingle fade into the sunset..for now. Maybe you’ll return like rocky for another fight :).

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