A moment of thanks – goodbye 2013

Here at Northeastern Exterminating we know how blessed we are to have the success over the past 20 years. Every year we like to take a minute to give a nice thank you to all of those we appreciate. In today’s blog post we would like to thank all of  the people who make this success possible. The year is rolling to its end. Through the good times and the bad we have always had these wonderful friends. Although we are family owned and operated we would not be able to do it without the following people.

  1. Employees. Without our great staff we would not be half the company we are. All of your hard work, extra hours, incite, comments, and trouble shooting never go unnoticed. We know we are nothing without you, and cherish and appreciate all you do for us. Please dont change a thing and realize our door is always open for any problems or concerns you may have. We are always here for you.
  2. Local competitors. Some of you are more friends then others, but we appreciate all of our competitors and friends who work for other companies. We love to network with you at seminars and parties. We love to swap war stories, success stories and stories about THOSE customers. Some of you watch out for us, wave to us when we see you throughout NYC. We want to know we appreciate all of you, and wish you all nothing but success in the new year!
  3. Friends at Univar. We want to personally thank all of our friends at the local Univar on Utica ave in Brooklyn. Your incite and opinions are always appreciated. We appreciate you explaining t in detail about new products and keeping us current and up to date with all of our pest control methods. We also love all the parties you hold in the store throught the year. Thanks guys! We wish you nothing but success in the years to come.
  4. Social media buddies. To list them all would be a list too long. We would like to thank all of our followers and friends on Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, & Facebook. We thank you for all of your comments and the time you take out to post great relevant information. Social media is in full effect and it grows more and more every day. Social media makes it possible for us professionals to help each other with problem solving and keeping each other up to date on new rules and regulations. It is great to hear all the stories that many of you have to share. Sharing photos about infestations are always interesting. We thank those of you ultra active social media guys and gals out there who keep up with our blog and always read it weekly. We wish nothing but success and health for you in this new year. Your social media efforts do not go under appreciated. Lets grow this industry within this medium and show people what were really about. Remember, were not just bug killers!
  5. Clients. We would like to thank all of our customers. Without you we would be out of business. Thank you to those customers who have been with us since 1994 and also to you new guys who know we have what it takes to get rid of your problems. Thank you to the young couples who just rented their first apartment, and thank you to the management companies who trust us monthly to deal with all your wonderful tenants. No matter how much you pay us a month, we appreciate your trust in us. Thank you.
  6. Pests. Where would we be without you? Although the world needs insects and rodents to flourish, us PCO’s need you to put food on our familes table. We do everything by the book to get rid of you, but sometimes you just dont want to go away. With out pests we would be nothing. Its a love hate relationship with you, and little do you know we actually need you to survive. I know this is hard to believe since our job is to kill you..but its just difficult to explain. So a big thanks to all the bed bugs, mice, roaches, mice, ants etc in 2013 as you gave my family and co-workers dinner on their tables and clothes on their backs.
Thank your exterminator! We are the ones under your house, climbing in dangerous places getting dirty and risking our lives daily to ensure your life is disease and pest free. Although we do it for a profit, many of us would do it for free. Its in our blood, its the language we speak. We wish you all a happy healthy new year and hope in 2014 you choose to say with Brooklyn’s pest control experts at Northeastern Exterminating. Happy New Year! What will your new years resolution be?

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