3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Treat Your Own Pest Problem

If you are homeowner then you’re are probably an avid Do-it-yourselfer. When you own a home you try to save where you can. If you’re handy enough, have the correct tools for the job and watch a few ‘how-to’ videos you’re on your way to doing inexpensive house work. Some tasks that DIYers may perform are painting, simple plumbing, and carpentry to name a few. When the seasons change and homeowners notice pest problems they have the same frame of thought to do it them selves. If theres any service that homeowners should not do is pest control. Here are reasons why you should leave it all up to a professional.

  1. Over application of pesticide. No matter what you are using, no matter how natural could still be dangerous if applied in a dangerous way. Many people believe in the motto “If a little bit works, a lot must work better”. When every pesticides are being applied they should be done in the most safe way possible. Make sure you ALWAYS read the pesticide label before applying anything. Over application is just plain old bad, no matter how “natural” the product claims to be. For example, diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring mineral so many people see it as safe for using in their home. What they don’t realize if its applied improperly can cause respiratiory irritation and severely dry skin.
  2. You can harm not target animals. Many hardware stores sell OTC rodent baits. These baits have a low percentage of active ingredient, but they still work. If a homeowner does not know any better they may mis apply these rodenticides in the wrong places. Instead of killing mice and rats you can cause your pet dog or the neighbor cat much harm. If you misapply insecticide you can harm beneficial insects such as bees.
  3. You can make the pest problem worse, instead of better. Believe it or not, many insects release alarm pheromones. When insects detect they are being killed off they will let the other insects know whats going on. This cause cause them to quickly reproduce, exhibit strange behaviors, and even in some cases try to attack you. In all, this will make the problem much worse than it originally was.
After reading this post you still decide that you want to do it yourself, please be careful. When ever handling a pesticide please wear personal protective equipment. A mask, gloves and face protector are just a few of many items you should be wearing. If you are spraying chemicals outside, do it on a day when it is not too windy to prevent pesticide drift. Always read the label on the product and consult with a professional before treating. When in doubt just hire a pro! If you have any additional reasons please post them below.

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