Winter Pests

When the winter weather arrives, many pest control companies in NYC may begin to notice a change of business. Every change of season, changes the pest problems. For example, in the summer months we notice many calls about Bed Bugs, American roaches, and German roaches. For biological reasons, many of these pests will reduce in number in the colder. Now that December is here we will list some pests we notice tend to show up in the colder months.

The first problem in the winter months are mice. All exterminators wait for mice season. Its the first few weeks of September or October in New York City. The reasoning for this uptick in calls related to mice is because they are trying to escape the cold weather outside and find a nice warm place to live. Try to rodent proof your home or apartment by sealing any entry ways you think mice may enter in. Once in your home they will congregate in warm places such as your stove or behind your refrigerator.
Animals also become a problem when it the temperature outside begins to drop.Animal’s enter your homes for the same reasons that mice do. Racoons, possums, and squirrels are a big problem in the 5 boroughs of NYC. Around October and November these animals will search for entry points into your home, garage or shed. If they cannot find entry points these smart animals are known to make their own. Never try to trap or handle live wildlife on your own. You must understand how, when and why to trap these animals. Call your local wildlife refuge center for a list of local trappers in your area to trap these pests.
Just like people do, animals are very great at adapting. Adaption is something pests are wonderful at. They have been around for millions of years, and will contribute to thrive due to their ability to adapt. What pests are big in your area in the winter? Please comment below or send us a private message and we will post it on our twitter account. Get that winter coat on, cause winter is here to stay!

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