Spring is here — Which means termite season

Termites are one of the most structurally damaging pests in the world. Annually termites have been known to cause up to 2 billion dollars in damage. Termites are eusocial insects. Eusocial basically means that termites are considered within the highest measure of sociality in insects. Termites are apart of different worker or labor castes. They live in colonies within the soil and structural beams in peoples homes. Found within a typical termite colony you would find the nymphs ( babies ), Workers, Soldiers, and a few egg laying queen termites. The job of the worker termites are just that. The worker termite must do a lot of the work to forage food for the other termites. They must also store the food as well as maintain the habitat for the queen and other broods. The solider termites are protectors of the termite colony. Any other insects who come into contact with the colony or nest, it is the worker termites job to destroy the intruding insect.

Northeastern Exterminating provides our customers in brooklyn, termite inspections. We will send one of our technicians out to your location, and for a small fee inspect your home for termites. If we are suspicious of any termite damage we will suggest a termite treatment. Call us now for a NYC termite inspection!

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