Pest Proofing Your Home For The Winter

As the colder months roll in, many outdoor pests will seek refuge indoors. Due to the instinct of survival pests like mice, squirrels, cockroaches and mosquitoes will take advantage of any openings into your home. Spaces in doors, cracks in windows, holes in your roof and holes in screens are just a few way pests will try to escape the chilly weather. In today’s blog post we will provide you with some tips to winterize your home from pests.

  1. Using wire mesh, or sheet metal seal all utility pipe entries into your basement. Many homes will have gas, electric, water and sewage pipe lines entering their homes. Make sure you, or your contractor seals around those pipes to prevent entry of pests like squirrels, rats and mice.
  2. Inspect around all of your windows for any small cracks or holes. Use caulking to seal any holes that are around window or door frames. If you use caulk try to use a good quality caulking such as clear acrylic latex.
  3. Install door sweeps on any front or back doors. Many homeowners do not understand that mice, spiders, and even rats can fit under door gaps.
  4. Inspect all screens for tears or holes. Flying insects like mosquitoes take advantage of these breeches in the screen. They are attracted to the warmth escaping your windows.
  5. Hire a licensed pest control pro. We can use IPM methods as well as a baiting program to keep your winter- pest free!
Always consult with a professional before doing any repair work. Remember, you want to do it once the right way. If you need any further advice or have any questions please contact us at [email protected]. If you have any further tips to winterize your home from pests feel free to comment below. We welcome the dialogue! Follow us on twitter @Northeasternext

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