New York City’s Increasing Rat Population

Ever since hurricane sandy hit the East coast , New York City has noticed a great rise in the rodent population. Some experts blame the poor sanitation conditions following hurricane sandy for the increase. The more logical other side of this viewpoint is that the flood associated with hurricane sandy flooded many rodents out of their habitats. The areas noticing this spike is Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn and New Dorp section of Staten Island.

Most recently you may have heard a new technique of pest control being tried out in NYC subway system. The MTA is begging a pilot program with a Arizona based company named SenesTech who produces a product named ContraPest.  The way ContraPest works is similar to birth control, but for rats. The difference is that the rats do not need to pay, nor do they need a prescription for this type of birth control. The way it works is once consumed by the Female rodent , it accelerates the egg loss and leads to infertility in the rodents.
For 60 days following this program, Senstech will study the behavior of rats in the subway system of NYC to perfect their understanding of New York rat behavior. They want to understand what foods rats prefer and in what ways they choose to eat. The goal of the company is to decrease the rat population.
Northeastern Exterminating in Brooklyn, New York has noticed a great influx of calls to coastal areas in Brooklyn for the control of rats in recent months. If you are having a rat problem in the 5 boroughs, or need any advice or pest control needs give us a call at 718-336-0634 or click the CONTACT US link.

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