Finding The Right Pest Control Pro

If you search ” exterminator ” in your google search bar right now, you will receive hundreds of local pest control companies in your area. What makes one different from another? Many think that all exterminators are the same and this could not be furthest from the truth. There are many overlooked qualities you want to look for when hiring a pest control professional to eliminate the pest problem in your home or business. In today’s blog post we will make this search a bit easier for you and list some qualities you should be seeking for.

  1. Experience. When looking for a reputable company always check with how long they have been in business. This may seem obvious but it is overlooked by many. Chances are the longer they have been in business, the more experience they have had with every type of pest problem imaginable.
  2. Licensing. Check with your local licensing agency if the company, as well as the technician they are dispatching to your home is indeed licensed. For example, in NYS you can visit the local Department of Environmental Conservation website and do a search on the company you are considering. If there is any question about them holding proper licensing, go to your next choice. Never take a chance!
  3. References. A reputable company will have references on hand or current satisfied customers. When calling around, ask the companies for references. If they stutter or sound puzzled, MOVE ON! You want to hire someone who is ready for anything, and can answer your questions in a snap.
  4. Patience. When you are asking questions about your problem make sure the person who is helping you is patient. If at any time you detect impatience, go else where. Remember there are many companies out there who would love your business.
  5. Versatile. Make sure these companies use green methods, IPM and general pest control techniques. You want to hire a company who is up to date on current green knowledge, it shows that they care about their customers and environment.

For the next few points we will leave the floor open to our fellow PCOs as well as clients and homeowners. We will post this on all social media in hopes that those reading this can add to this topic. In this day and age it is very easy to do your homework when hiring a pro, so take advantage of the technology in front of you!

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