Why is pest control so expensive?

When we are out in the field giving a pest control quote, or receiving payment after we have performed pest control the customers sometimes ask ” Hey why is this so expensive?”. Here at Northeastern Exterminating we try to address real-life questions and enter it into our blog. We hope customers find this to be informative, and also hope that PCO’s find this to be accurate and helpful to them. There are a few things that we will list below that we must take into account when reaching our price after performing pest control.

  1. Licensing and insurance. To run a pest control company the business must be licensed and registered by the state. On top that the business licensing, all employees must hold separate licensing. Many pest control companies will pay for their technicians to attend continuing education, so they can be on the forefront of current pest control technology.  As a business, you must also hold current up-to-date pest control liability insurance.
  2. Transportation. With the rising cost of gas prices and car insurance in NYC this is another expense that is on the business. Although we sometimes get fleet discounts, this sometimes saves us pennies on a tank of gas. You cant forget about vehicle maintenance. With the pot holes, traffic and construction in NYC, we are always fixing one of our fleet vehicles.
  3. Materials. As mentioned before, the rising cost of gas has made the price of our pest control materials double within the past 10 years.
  4. Salary. Everyone must get paid! From the boss, to the house cleaning crew.
  5. Quality and Experience. When choosing a premium pest control company, you must understand you get what you pay for. Anyone can walk around with a spray can and throw poison around. When your paying a quality price, lets face it, your going to get a quality pest control job.
 Other costs that are involved in a pest control service business are uniforms, rent, advertisement, and overall operation costs. When broken down and thought of like this, your not paying so much are you? You have to understand that insects and rodents are disease carrying and can potentially spread disease. When you hire a pest control company in NYC you have to take into consideration that your hiring someone who can get the job done, no matter the cost! If you have any additional items that you feel i should add, please add them in the comments section and i will add it to the blog, and give you credit.

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