Why “Do it yourself” Pest Control isnt a great idea.

As spring begins and the temperatures begin to rise the insect population starts to emerge from the damp soil or from our floor boards. It may be bed bugs, mice, ants, roaches, termites or even rats. Many homeowners believe they have what it takes to get rid of their pest problems all by themselves. These days with the economy the way it is homeowners are trying to save where they can. Extreme couponing, Squeezing the last drop of tooth paste out of the tube, But is pest control somewhere that you want to be frugal?You may be saying to your self ”  They just want my business, i can do it my self!” Below, we will list a few reasons we have to prove to you DIY pest control isnt the best idea. We will let you decide.

  1. Quality of materials used. The store bought stuff just isn’t strong enough. Usually 99% inert ingredients (usually oil) and .1% active ingredients, store bought pesticides and rodenticides just are not potent enough to eliminate the target pests. Yes it may kill an ant on contact, but these store bought pesticides have no biological effect on the colony, nor does it have a residual factor. When you buy a can of store bought pesticide all you are doing is killing the insects you can see on contact.
  2. Knowledge of proper application methods. Lets face it, your every day home owner isn’t a licensed pest control tech. , this can cause some problems with proper application. For example, if a father notices his children are experiencing what seem to be bed bug bites, he may try to treat it himself. He would probably go to a local hardware store and spend $15-$40 on one bottle of bed bug spray and start to saturate his daughters mattress and bed frame. Not only is this going to make the bed bug infestation worse, but his daughter will have another problem on her hand. She may wake up the next day with severe skin irritation. They may have not even had bed bugs in the first place!  If you are not properly licensed do not apply any pesticides. Period. Pest control tech’s are properly trained in label reading as well as experienced with pesticide application methods.
  3. Effecting non-target organisms. This goes along with proper application, but we thought we should give it its own bullet. Here’s another example. Mrs. Harrison has pesky ants all over her yard and she is sick of it. She wants to save a few bucks so she goes to the local ACE hardware and buys a container of ant spray. She beings to spray all the ants in the yard and in her kitchen. The next day she notices not only did she kill the ants, but also killed all her grass as well as got her cat sick from spraying it all over the house. Upon deeper inspection she realizes she killed beneficial insects such as ladybugs and earth worms. This is a perfect example of doing more harm then good.
  4. Ever evolving pest control methods. Sometimes pest control isnt as easy as spray and wait. The industry is making large leaps and learning a lot more about insect biology. With certain pests if you treat by improperly spraying  it can make the infestation much worse. When pests detect elimination of their species their reproduction behavior increases drastically.
These are just a few reasons. If you have any reasons that you would like to add just place them in the comments section. Listen, There is a reason that we are licensed for pest control. When you treat your pests your self, not only are you wasting money but your putting your loved ones and pets at risk. Hire a pest control professional and leave the headache to us. Northeastern exterminating has been in business for almost twenty years so we know what we are doing. If you would like advice or want an estimate you can call us any time at 718-336-0634. You can also visit our homepage or click the contact us link on the top of the page for any further questions. We service all 5 boroughs of New York City as well as Long Island .

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