What The World Would Be Like Without Pest Control

To appreciate the duty of pest control, we must first understand what the world would be like without it. As we spoke about in a previous blog titled History of Pest Control: A Brief Timeline, pest control has been traced back as early as 2500 BC. That history of pest control teaches us that for every time period, there was a specific need for pest control. Whether it was to protect cash crops, or to reduce the amount of parasites in homes or caves, pest control was a important necessity. Did you ever imagine what the world would be like without pest control? In today’s post we will post some examples of events that could occur without a efficient pest control program.

  1. Prevent Wide spread hunger. Many pest control companies use safe pesticides to treat crops to keep pests from widespread destruction. If it were not for the scientifically developed pesticides many simple crops like wheat,corn, fruits and vegetables would be destroyed by pests such as aphids and beetles. If you can imagine a world without grain, wheat, fruits and vegetables then you can understand the importance of protecting all crops from pests.
  2. Reduction of the spread of disease. As anyone knows, many different types of disease can be carried by pests. The medical field is equally as responsible for preventing the spread of disease as is the pest control industry. According to the Center for Disease Control  rats are known carriers of diseases such as hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, salmonella and the famous black plague. As pest control professionals it is our job to eliminate these pests in great numbers, to reduce the existence of disease carrying rats. Animal control is equally as important to reduce the instance of disease like rabies. There are safe ways to use pesticides indoors
  3. Better quality of life. Without pest control, homeowners would be coexisting in their homes with pests. While sleeping they would hear mice and rats running wild in their homes. While cooking dinner, the homeowners would be battling roaches and flies to cook a decent healthy meal. Pest control makes it possible for families to live a happy, and pest free life in their home. Without pest control methods to exterminate bed bugs, children and grandparents would be sleeping in infested mattresses being eaten alive.
There are many other negatives to point out about the needs for pest control but we want to encourage dialouge amongst our blog readers. Please post on our comment section below and other events you feel would take place if it were not for the wonders of pest control. You can also post it on our twitter page and we will post it for you on our blog. Remember, pest control is important. If not for us exterminators, what would you have?

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