Pest Control Myths and Misconceptions

As pest control technicians, there are many myths and misconceptions we deal with on a daily basis. Many of these myths come from rumors or mis-informed customers. When people are not fully educated on a topic they use their common sense to draw conclusions. Since we are professionals, we want to point out the misconceptions and de-bunk them all-together.

  1. “You dont need to be licensed to kill bugs” . This is a common one that we hear in NYC. Not only is this statement completely false, it degrades our technicians and can make them feel worthless. New York State has very strict licensing and regulating when it comes to pest control technicians and applicators. Thank your exterminator!
  2. ” You spray sugar water around to feed the bugs”. Another false statement. The logic in this statement is moot. We would be wasting time performing call backs for customers as well as get a bad reputation. You, the customer, are paying us to get rid of all pests in your home. I ask you this, why would you continue to use an exterminator who wasn’t getting rid of your problem in the first place?
  3. ” Exterminating isnt difficult, anyone can do it”. We recently addressed this on our wordpress blog post “Why you should respect your exterminator“. We work very hard. Between job hazards, traveling, licencing, and problem solving. Give us some credit!
  4. “Ultrasonic plug in devices keep away my mice”. Customers will often tell us that their plug in ultrasonic devices keep away all their pests. Our answer then is, Why did you hire us 🙂 ? If these devices actually did work, then us pest control professionals would not see them at almost every account we treat for mice. We wish it was that simple, but its just not!
  5. ” Your spray does not have a smell, it must not work! ” Many old timers remember the days of oil-based and odorous sprays. These days many all chemicals are regulated and tested by the EPA. Many chemicals are low- odor, but still are effective as the smelly stuff, just less stinky.
If your a customer and have any myths you want de-bunked, or your a PCO and are sick and tired of hearing myths let us know. Write a comment below and tell us about what myth you hate the most. If you ever have any questions please contact us and we will return your email or call as soon as we can. Our customers are very important to us and we always want to make sure you are always content and satisfied with our services.

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