Interviewing and inspections are important

Many pest control companies will get a phone call from a customer and not think to ask any further questions about the customers infestation. Here at Northeastern Exterminating when we are  on the phone with the customers we try to get a feeling of where the bed bug infestation may have started.
The customers number one question is ” How did i get these bed bugs “. If we were able to answer that question, lets face it, we would be billionaires. Unfortunately we are not bed bug whisperers, just exterminators. We can work with you on where the most LIKELY place you may have gotten this bed bug infestation, but we cannot pin point exactly where.The reason there is a need to understand where the customer may have brought the bed bugs from is to prevent re-infestation of the premises.
The next thing to be done is a proper inspection of the clients home to ensure where the bed bugs are hiding, laying eggs and nesting. If a pest control professional just treats your home willy-nilly without first inspecting, there is a great chance your infestation will not disappear.
Another problem we run into as exterminators, especially being located within brooklyn,  is much of the time customers try to treat the problem themselves with over the counter products. What this does is makes the problem worse for the PCO and in the long run, make the customer spend more money. The reason is because when you aggravate a bed bug nest, or harborage with store bought pesticides it disrupts the bed bugs normal behavior and can drive them deeper into wall voids. Our number one piece of advice is when it comes to bed bugs ,  call a professional. If you catch the problem early enough, you can save your self hundreds of dollars.
If you would like a bed bug inspection from northeastern exterminating or would like to speak further about bed bugs feel free to call our office at 718-336-0634.

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