Wood Destroying Carpenter Ants

Worldwide, there are more than twelve thousand species of ants known to man. Locally, we encounter just a few types of these ants. The climate you live in can predict what type of ant species you have in your neighborhood. The most common are the Odorous house ants, Pavement ants, and Carpenter ants. Since many ant species exhibit similar behavior, inexperienced exterminators may treat them in a similar fashion. Out of all the types of species, Carpenter ants should be surveilled as they are known to cause almost as much damage as termites.

These wood-destroying pests can be up to 1/2 inch long. Carpenter ants are usually black in color, but can be slightly different in color depending on climate conditions. Although many people believe that carpenter ants eat wood, they dont. Unlike termites, carpenter ants excavate wood, and nest inside of it. Some places through out a home that carpenter ants can usually be found are wooden window frames, fire wood kept outside, rotten tree stumps, and wooden framed structures.
Similar to termites, carpenter ant colonies also produced winged swarms. If homeowners detect a swarm around spring or summer time, it could be a sign of an infestation.
Some tips for carpenter ant inspecting would be checking any fire wood kept outside. Best done at night with a flash light, check any exposed structural beams around your home or garage for damage or evidence of carpenter ants. If you notice any rotten wood, saw dust or holes in the wood please call us at (718)336-0634 . If you need a professional inspection performed please contact us or visit our main page for contact information at https://bedbugs-brooklyn.com.
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