Why you should be honest with your exterminator

When hiring an exterminator, clients do not understand the importance of being completely honest with us. The customers tend to stretch the truth in regards to the size, duration and type of infestation they are experiencing.  Some reasons they may lie about an infestation are out of embarrassment, or they are trying to get a price break. What the customer does not understand is that an experienced technician can figure all of these things out with a simple inspection.  Today we will list 3 ways that we can tell that your not being 100% truthful.

  1. Droppings. When pests exist in a space, they must eat and when any organism eats- they produce waste. Exterminators use this pest poop as a tool to teach them about the infestation. The freshness of the poop can explain how recent the infestation is. This will many times also reveal the estimated size of an infestation as well as location. Call us the poop-whispers
  2. Offspring. All living organisms reproduce. Bed bugs lay eggs, mice have litters of pups and the list goes on. Well trained exterminators can tell the size of your infestation. This will also give us a general idea of how long this infestation has been present in the current location. Telling us you had a bed bug infestation for 2 weeks, when it has been around for two months will be very apparent to us.
  3.  Stages. Bed bugs live in stages. As trained professionals we understand that if their are certain stages of bed bugs we can understand how long you have had this problem. Same goes with roaches and beetles. We are much smarter then we seem!
You see, now that you know, that we know how long your problem has been going on, you might as well tell us the truth. Infact, providing us with mis-information will leave us unprepared for your particular problem. This can delay the eradication of the pest and actually make the problem worse! You cannot remove a heavy infestation if you are treating for a very simple problem. We know what we are doing and it could cost you much much more if you are being dishonest. We are here to help not to hurt. Next time you hire a pest control pro, just tell us what you know about your problem- we will take care of the rest! Remember honesty is the best policy.

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