Pest Control: The Beneficial Insects

Insects are seen as a nuisance to many, but depending on the insect they can be very beneficial to the environment. Pests such as fleas, bedbugs, mice, and roaches have no direct beneficial contribution to human kind at this very moment. In this short, but informative blog post we will speak about many types of life sustaining insect that benefit the environment. Here at Northeastern Exterminating we want you to understand that Insects are not our enemy. Only when they become pests, thats when we swoop in and do our job.

  1. Ladybugs- In the beetle family, ladybugs are very beneficial to crops. Lady bugs prey on aphids,mites and other crop destroying pests. Lady bugs are one of the natural exterminators of nature!
  2. Honey Bees (Aphis melliferae)- When honey bees are flying around your garden, this is a great sign. In recent years they have been believed to be on their way to become extinct. Due to poor pesticide application or new disease ( or both ) Honey Bee sitings have dropped over recent years. Honey bees are vital to sustain life in all forms. They help to pollinate over 400 crops, and without the honey bees we are risking losing many fruits, vegetables and berries. They also provide delicious honey for us to consume! Please be very careful when applying pesticides around your home as this may affect the honey bee population. We need those guys! 
  3. Spiders- You either love them, or hate them but some spiders are beneficial to humans. In-fact they are another one of natures pest control professionals. As long as they are not poisonous, and live in small numbers, spiders are the best insects to have in your home. They will prey on any pests that you may have around the house! 
  4. Lace wigs- They are another gardeners friend. Lacewings are very familiar to many organic gardeners because , similar to lady bugs, they will prey on any garden pests. Lace wigs will consume small aphids and caterpillar larve. 
Children should learn from a young age that not all insects should be destroyed. If they learn that, when they grow up they will appreciate the environment much more. As pest control professionals we must be very conscious of what pesticides and insecticides we may use in and around a home. We want to be careful we do not eradicate any non- target pests. The environment is a place for all of us to live, so we must respect one another. We all need each other! 
If you would like me to add any more pests, please leave a comment below with your link and we will gladly add your idea and give you credit. 

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