Insects in Electronics

When homeowners mention having bugs inside their electronics, people often think they talking about a virus or a manufacturers defect. When we talk about bugs in electronics, we mean insects. Believe it or not insects such as bed bugs, roaches, ants and other pests love electronics. As a pest control company we have witnessed many cases where infestations have spread to computer towers, cable boxes and televisions. There are many problems associated with these types of infestations.

Pests love crawling inside electronics, espically during winter months or when the device is close to a food source. Pests,like roaches, love televisions and wireless internet routers. These items get nice and hot and allow for a place for the roaches to live in a comfortable temperature and environment. These places are usually dark, which is an ideal environment for pests that like to hide during the day.

If the pest reproduces inside the electronic device, this can cause a higher population of the pest. The pest excreting feces, and molting can cause the device to work improperly. In some cases the insects will get stuck or die in an intricate part of the item and render it useless.
The most difficult problem for pest control operators are treating these items without damaging the property. Many exterminators will not treat electronics. You simply can not spray into these items. Other will use dusts, and damage delicate equipment. One method is to use a bait, outside of the device to lure the pest out to eat. The problem with this method is that if too many of them die inside the item, this can cause a problem.
The best way to treat this problem is the most difficult way. Grab a vacuum with a very fine nozzle and begin to vacuum all vents and buttons. Then use the proper tools to take apart the device and vacuum all eggs, nymphs and adult insects (be sure all devices are unplugged with doing this). Leave the device open for a day or two so it becomes an unattractive harborage for the pest. If opening the device is not an option due to a warranty void, or another problem you can use a can of compressed air. Just stick the straw inside any vent holes and give a few quick shots of air.
Treating for pests aren’t always in the most expected places. When treating homes for pest control you must always think outside of the box and look in places others wouldn’t. We always try to think like a pest. If you were in a room , where are the nice places you would hide? The warm, damp places near a food source? You tell us!
If you were a pest, where would your favorite place to hide be?

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