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When it comes to being a trail blazer in the pest control industry, JT Eaton has stood the test of time. JT Eaton, which was founded in 1932, was one of the first American made family run pest supply companies. We were so curious about them and their success we had to find out a bit more about them. Who better to ask then their hard working Technical Director and Western Territory Manager, James Rodriguez.

Hey James! We know you are a super busy guy so we appreciate you taking out the time to chat with us. Please introduce yourself! How long have you been with JT Eaton?

James Rodriguez: Hey! Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve been with JT Eaton almost 12 years and support the team as Technical Director and Western Territory Manager covering 11 states. This role offers me the opportunity to help with the development of new products and also stay in touch with PMPs from around the country.

why do you believe JT Eaton is one of the industry leaders in this space? What sets you guys apart?

James Rodriguez: JT Eaton was a pioneer in supporting the professional pest control industry in 1932–85 years ago! Stanley Z. Baker, a Pest Control Hall of Fame member,
was the first to make a commercially viable glue board and developed the
paraffinized bait block–changing our industry forever. Also, being a
family company allows us to improve and develop products quickly for the
ever-changing Pest Control Industry. Items like our Little Pete multiple
catch device, Top Loader bait station and galvanized steel bait stations
like the Super Strong Box, being just a few of those innovative products.

What would you say are your two top-selling products?

James Rodriguez: By far the two best-selling items are our Repeater and Little Pete multiple catch traps. When we find ways to improve them, we do just that– staying
ahead of our competitors.

As I am sure you know, NYC has a high rodent population. What products
that JT Eaton manufactures would help with a quick knock down in a high rat population?

James Rodriguez: I believe the Top Loader would do really well because of its high durability and small foot print; and because it doesn’t look like a bait station, it
less likely to be noticed by people or non-targets. Loaded with a soft
bait, it can make a dent in any size rodent population.

Anybody who’s anybody has a soft bait these days. Tell us about your soft bait and why it differs.

James Rodriguez: After some time in development, we made a soft bait called Nectus (Latin
for “to put to death). It is a “sweeter” bait than other brands, and tested
excellent in high-heat areas of the country. We are a company that produces
scented bait like our peanut butter and apple bait blocks, so adding a soft
bait with these properties has worked out great for us. It’s currently
available with most distributors at a fabulous price compared to other brands.

Any new products just released or in the works you want to talk about?

James Rodriguez: We have a few new products out, like our Rodent Rock 2G. It looks great and
performs as an IPM device for insect baits or rodent station, and also holds
rat and mouse traps–truly an all-around product! We made improvements this
year to our duster, and improved our metal bait station for faster servicing
and better security, either with or without an attached paver.

What is JT Eaton’s Goal as a company?

James Rodriguez: Being a family company, our goal is to
make sure we’re listening to the industry and that we fix what’s “broken”,
and make what the industry needs to keep everyone safe. Since we’ve
supported the industry since 1932, we know products come and go, but I can
assure you that the only way to stay in business this long is to make
products that perform and are cost-effective. This is our goal each and
every day-and one we’ve accomplished and will continue to do so!

JT Eaton


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