New York cities bugs of spring

Spring has sprung in New York City. No matter what borough you reside there are certain bugs that love the climate of spring. Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan all share the same temperature changes between the months of March – June. Lets face it, we cant blame these pests for loving those temperatures because We love them too!

Ants love these temperatures. The first day over 60 degrees many people begin to see ants crawling around their backyards and sometimes even the kitchen. Ants not only love the temperatures in spring, they also love the cookouts! Since the temperatures are getting warmer, people  start to get that grill fired up. Spring break, and weekend cookouts give people a good reason to eat outside. The ants look forward to the food drippings and left over chips from these cookouts. To ensure less of a chance of an ant infestation keep your barbecue clean as well as your yard!
A favorite bug that will start to show face in the spring are Lady bugs! In the beetle family, Ladybugs are very beneficial to New York residents. The reason is many people in New York have gardens in their backyard, and aphids are very destructive to green growing plants. Luckily for us, Lady bugs love to feed on aphids. In fact, there is a method of pest control that uses the release of lady bugs in crops to control the aphid population.
Fire Flies, also known as lampyridae, are childrens favorite insect. Like ladybugs, fireflies share the same family of beetles. Children in New York City sometimes have competitions on their blocks of whom can catch more fire flies. Seen manily at night, fire flies use bioluminescence to light up their rear abdomen to attract mates and to frighten prey.
There are hundreds of bugs that give New York City its character. Although we just touched on a few if you have any pest facts that you would like us to list please comment below. We appreciate all the comments and will respond to any questions. If you need pest control in your area and want an inspection please contact us at 718-336-0634 or you can visit us HERE. Also if you are curious about any pest in your home, use your phone to take a picture and send it to us at [email protected].

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