Mosquito season is on the way!

Here at northeastern exterminating we realize mosquito season is around the corner. Mosquitos are primarily seen in the warmer summer months in new york city. We have compiled a small list of tips to reduce your amount of mosquitos in your backyard.

  1. Remove any standing water.
Since mosquitos need standing water to breed it is in your best intrest to do a weekly walk throughout your yard to make sure there is no standing water that mosquitos can lay eggs in. Inside tires are a typical place that are mosquito breeding grounds because of how hot rubber gets in the sun as well as how the inside tubular part collects water. Mosquitos can breed in something as small as a soda cap filled with water. A big help would be knock on your neighbors door and have them do the same in their yards.
2.  Remove any tree stumps. 
Sometimes when people get trees removed they tend to leave the stump in the yard because having it removed could be an added expense. After months of rain, wood rot will occur on the tree stump. Water will collect inside this wood rot and be a perfect breeding ground. To prevent the spread of disease through mosquito bites, it is in your best interest to get tree stumps on your property removed.
3. Fill any large holes or ditches. 
After a heavy rain fall, water can collect in small ditches or holes. To prevent standing water, you can fill holes with dirt or sand. Failure to do so will promote a wonderful mosquito breeding hole.
4. Call an exterminator for a professional opinion.
If you have done the prior actions and still are having a problem with mosquitos please give us a call. We are mosquito experts in brooklyn, as well as a NYC mosquito exterminator. Although mosquitos are tough to get rid of, we have a good tract record with mosquito erridcation. Our phone number is located HERE. Call us now for  free quote for mosquito extermination in the nyc area.

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