Mice season is on the way!

As we count down the last few weeks of summer, we warn all of our customers and blog readers to get prepare for mice season. In NYC, mice season typically starts in early october. Due to the sudden drop in temperatures, the mice will try to escape the cold, and look for a nice warm and cozy environment to escape. Mice are known to spread many different types of disease. When the infestation gets large enough they can cause wide spread damage in homes, such as destroying food and electrical wires. In todays blog we are going to give you, the customer, a few tips to keep the mice out of your home. So get a pen and paper and take some notes!

  1. Check the perimeter of your home. The number one way that mice enter your home is the same way that people do, your doors! Check the bottom of all doors in your home/apt. If you can fit your pinky finger into the space, chances are thats how the mice are coming in. A good tip is to purchase door sweeps at your local hardware store. This will be a great barrier for mice. Check your basement windows for any cracks or broken screens, as this is another entry point for vermin. Its a great idea to do all this while it is still warm out.
  2. Keep clutter free. If mice do happen to get in, one way or another its a good idea to keep clutter free. The less places for mice to hide, the better. Keeping clutter free will increase the chances that the mice will want to go else where. Although this is not the only way to keep mice away, if you do have a mouse problem it will be easier to exterminate.
  3. Food storage. This is very important. Mice are known to be good climbers and food finders. Try to keep all food in sealed containers. If the mice cannot get any food or water they wont be happy campers. Another great tip is for pet owners. Be very careful how you store your pet food. Typically a dog owner will leave the dog food bowl on the floor. This is a good attractant for mice. Try to be a little creative about feeding the pets. You dont want to feed unwanted guests!
As always with our blogs posts we like our readers to contribute. If you would like to add a tip just leave a comment below. You can also reach us at [email protected] and leave us any feedback. We hope you all have a mouse free fall and if you need any pest control please feel free to give us a call at (718)336-0634 for a mouse estimate! We also perform bed bug treatments.

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