Brooklyn Pest Control Questions

We recently asked our Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and Google+ followers to ask us any questions they may have about pests. We gave them free range to ask us about bed bugs, mice, ants, roaches, fleas, termites, or what ever pest they choose. We decided to post the questions to our blog. This is our customers Frequently Asked Questions about Brooklyn pest control.

Mary-ann in park slope, Brooklyn wanted to know “Why do exterminators need more than one visit to treat bed bugs? Why cant they do it in one shot?”. Great question from park slope! You see Mary-Ann bed bugs are like no other pest. They are very resilient and have interesting breeding and nesting habits. The multiple treatments are for a few reasons. The first reason is that bed bugs are very good at hiding. Sometimes they may go deep into wall voids, floor boards etc. Sometimes when treating for bed bugs when you come back the second or third time, that bed bug that was deep in the wall, un reachable by treatment, is now in your apartment ready to be exposed to a treatment. Another reason is because of bed bug eggs. Usually a bed bug infestation includes bed bug eggs that are hidden and un hatched. By the time two weeks passes since the first bed bug treatment, those bed bugs have hatched into nymphs and are ready for their first blood meal. The second visit allows us to expose these baby bed bugs to our bed bug treatment. Another reason is that you are paying good money, you deserve a great service. Not a one shot “Spray and pray”
The next question comes to us off our Facebook fan page from Kyle from Staten island, New York. Kyle asks “What can i do to keep these raccoons out of my garbage cans and making a mess in my backyard?”. Another great pest control question from a Staten Island customer. Kyle you have to understand that Staten Island is the unofficial wildlife borough of NYC. In Staten Island there is a high population of animals due to a variety of green belt park areas. These green belts attract animals like raccoons, squirrels, deer and more! Until the city does more to remove this wildlife, it is difficult to eliminate them completely. Some tips i would give you is to go to your local hardware store and purchase animal proof garbage cans. If possible keep these garbage cans in your garage or in a storage container until garbage day. Just like anything else, Humans included, if you take away their food source they will wander elsewhere. Hope that helped Kyle!
Peter P. from crown heights brooklyn asks “How do i keep ants out of my yard during family bar-be-ques?”.  Here at Northeastern Exterminating  We realize that ants are one of the most tricky pests to get rid of. Many pest control companies have a “Spray and Pray” method. We realize that with ants, you have to properly bait certain areas in order to get rid of your ant problem. Ants as well as bed bugs are not something you should be treating your self.
The warmer months are here, which means many of you are in need of pest control specialist in Brooklyn, Staten Island, queens, Bronx or Manhattan give northeastern exterminating a call at (718)336-0634. We also want to keep this FAQ section going, so please click on the Contact us form on our site and ask away! We will continue to ask any pest control related questions our customers may have!

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