Where do bed bugs hide?

One of the most common questions that our technicians get asked while on a bed bug inspections is ” Where do these bed bugs hide?”. The immediate answer is – where ever they feel the most comfortable. Bed bugs are known for being very adaptive to their environments and they love to take advantage of some great areas to hide. In today’s blog post we will speak logically on where bed bugs hide, and where they are most likely to be found.

For our customers to better understand where bed bugs hide we tell them to simply think like a bed bug. Okay so now your a bed bug and you’ve just entered a new home. The sun has set, its starting to get late and your feeling a bit hungry. You crawl out of the bag you just traveled in after sucking the blood of your last victim. You sense a new victim quietly sleeping in your area, and head in their direction. You quietly crawl up their bedframe, and stick your piercing mouth piece right into their skin. Now we ask- After you bite them, wouldn’t you want to hide in a place where this food source is easily accessible? We sure would!
Bed bugs are known to hide every where – bed frames, head boards, curtain rods , book bindings, dressers, radiators and many more places. But when inspecting for bed bugs you must understand that every where is possible, but only a few places are probable. We always tell our customers that most of the time if an infestation is present, there should be evidence on the mattress, box spring, head board or frame before it is any where else in the room.
When we have completed an inspection and deliver the good news to the customer that no infestation is present at this time, the customer seems puzzled. They explain that they are experiencing bites and it must be bed bugs. The client starts to go in their room and ask us if we looked in each book, if we checked in the bottom of a hamper, and other places bed bugs could hide. Again, we remind them that many places are possible but not probable.
When the infestation reaches a substantial level is when you will start to see them all over the room. By this time inspections are not needed to detect an infestation, but more to understand the level of the infestation. Bed bugs are great at hiding. They have been known to crawl into wall voids via plug outlets. When performing an inspection always check every inch of the room for any evidence. If you are located in NYC and are interested in a bed bug inspection, please call us at (718)336-0634. We will always answer any questions you have free of charge. If your embarrassed to speak, you can email us at [email protected] and within a reasonable amount of time you can expect a reply.

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