Typical pests and how to prevent them

Pest control was created a long time ago to keep pests away. One way or another pests are beneficial to the environment. Sometimes they find their way into our homes. As soon as they breech that respect, these beneficial insects become nuisance pests and people look to exterminators for help. Here are a few known pests that residents of brooklyn, staten island, queens, manhattan and the bronx, may be familiar with. We will also list some suggestions of things our customers can do to increase the chance of keeping these un-wanted pests out of their home.

  1. Bedbugs are a big problem in new york city. As soon as people see one bed bug inside their home they begin to panic. One method that can be used are bi monthly inspections. First educate your self on where the most likely places that bedbugs hide. After you do that you can use any flash light you want to check the areas around your bed. If you want a professional opinion contact us and we can provide you with a low cost bed bug inspection. Other than doing an inspection in your home every couple of weeks, another method could be changing your outside clothes as soon as you walk in the home. Having a plastic garbage bag handy when you and your family enter your home is a useful tip. As soon as everyone walks in the home, one by one, have everyone walk into the bathroom and change into pajamas. Put all ” outside” clothes into a sealed garbage bag until laundry day. Our last prevention tip for bed bugs applies to you if you live in a multi unit building. Spend a day sealing all cracks in the floor with a caulk gun. This could take some times but will greatly reduce the chance of bed bugs entering from an adjoining apartment.
  2. German cockroaches are one of the most common roaches in Brooklyn as well as New York City. Known to spread disease as well as breathing problems Roaches are a real problem. People tend to wonder how these pests enter the home. My number one tip to my customers is for them to buy glass or plastic containers for all rices, cereals, pastas, etc. The reason is because sometimes roaches will enter the cardboard boxes of these items when they are on the shelves in the supermarket. After you purchase them and bring them home and immediately transfer all boxes items into glass or plastic ware and discard of any cardboard boxes. Another tip is to clean all dishes before bed time and sop up any standing water with a dry towel. If roaches have no food or water to stay around, they will go else ware. If your problem is in need of a professional exterminator, please contact Northeastern Exterminating for any further advice.
  3. Mice and Rats are repulsive as well as they can spread disease within your home. Mice and rats are fecal & urinary incontinent. What that means is that the urinate and defecate as they run around your home. Since they cannot hold their bowels it is possible for them to urinate on your foodstuff.  The main tip for preventing mice and rats in your home is to halt their entry in the first place. As a homeowner, or a tenant you should be doing monthly inspections of the perimeter of your home. If you see any holes in the foundation their is a chance rats can be burrowing into your home. If you can fit your pinky in the holes chances are that the mice can enter. Contact northeastern exterminating if you are interested in a rodent proofing program.
  4. Water bugs or American cock roaches are a large variety of roaches. Customers will usually complain of water bugs in their basements and bathroom areas. Keeping any standing water out of the basement is one way to prevent water bugs. Another way would be using a dehumidifier in your basement.
We have just touched on some pests, but not all. Day by day we will add more information to this blog post. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a pest for us to address please contact us and let us know.
If you are interested in using us for pest control give us a call at 718-336-0634. Northeastern Exterminating is licensed and insured.

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