Bed Bug Inspection and Bed Bug Treatment Questions

Recently on our Twitter account, we encouraged some of our customers to ask us bed bug related questions. We decided to gather a few of those questions and post them to our pest control blog. We appreciate all of the people who participated and took time out of their busy schedules.

  1. Where did my bed bug infestation come from? That is the number one question, to this date, that we get asked by our customers. The fact of the matter is, unless you can speak their language you’ll never figure it out. ( hint: bed bugs dont talk!)  The best thing to do is brain-storm and try to understand how you got bed bugs in the first place. Try to ask your self- Have i gone on vacation lately? Have i slept in a place other than home? Did i buy any new furniture? Have i recently shopped and a thrift ( second-hand ) store? Did i take out any library books? Did i recently take public transportation? The questions you can ask your self are endless. You need to face the fact that you now have a bed bug problem, and it no longer matters where you got the problem from.
  2.  What’s the first thing i do when i find out i have bed bugs? Dont panic! Many insects resemble bed bugs. Make sure you keep the bug to show to an exterminator. If you can grab it with a pair of tweezers and place it safely in a zip-lock bag. When you call the exterminator to come give an inspection, show him the insect. It could very well be a spider beetle, or any other variety of beetle. Do not throw away any furniture or start to treat until you identify the insect.
  3. Who is responsible to pay for the bed bug inspection and treatment, me or my landlord? In NYC the landlord is responsible to keep your apartment free of any vermin. Plain and simple, contact your landlord because he/she in responsible for your eradication your infestation.
  4. Do i HAVE to throw away my mattress, box spring and bed frame? You cannot generalize a treatment for every infestation. Unless your badly infested you may be able to purchase mattress encasements to seal your mattress’. When the PCO does the inspection, he/she will let you know what to keep, and what to toss.
If you have any more bed bug questions that you would like us to address on our blog please contact us. We want to educate as many people as we can. We realize knowledge is power. An educated customer is the best type of customer. If you need immediate assistance, or have a question please call us at (718)336-0634.

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