Importance of On-going Pest Management Programs

Pest control is a service that is perceived by many to only be needed once a pest related problem has been identified. The truth is that a pest management plan should always be in place. Whether you own a home, restaurant or commercial property it is important to always have a complete plan in place as a precaution upon any signs or sightings of unexpected vermin.

The best way to do this is to partner up with a very reputable pest control firm. Many fly by night companies do not utilize pest management or IPM programs. These companies are usually more old fashion and not up to date with current computer programs and pest education. Try to find a company who is willing to educate you on what is the best program for your location.

A monthly or quarterly inspection of the premises is the one of the first services you may want to set up with your chosen pest control company. Whatever time period that is decided with location and budget in mind. The pest control company will perform inspections of known harboarge areas inside your location to determine if there are any signs of pests. They will also do a walk around of the out side of the location and look for major entry points for pests such as mice or rats. These inspections should reveal concerns to the Tech. In turn they will usually make suggestions of what you can change to reduce the chances of pest invasion. 

Another way is to monitor the location with the use of readily available pest monitors.  Detection is always the first step of eradication. The pest control tech can set up an array of monitors that can be checked periodically by you or your employees. If it is determined that a specific type of pest has been found – your contracted company can now treat for this pest before it becomes a noticeable problem.
We are also noticing an increase in calls from restaurants and business owners about pest control education classes. Many business owners, mainly restaurants are now having their employees take basic Pest control education classes. They believe by doing so, it will increase awareness of what will attract pests, and what can be done to keep them away. The best way to keep a pest away is to learn every detail about it.
To many of us who are in the pest control industry these are basics of IPM. This is very true, but the general public is not too aware of what is involved in integrated pest management. The right pest control company will always keep you in the loop of the latest and greatest advances of the pest control industry. IPM is a growing trend and every day we learn many more ways to utilize IPM without the use of any pesticides or rodenticides. 
Remember, we are not just a quick fix for a long term problem. As we all know, vermin are known to spread diseases and illness. The key to preventing that is by having a good pest management program at hand. When your problem is noticeable to your customers, employees or family this can be too late. If you have any questions about pest management programs or IPM programs feel free to comment below. Any comments/questions are always welcomed and responded to within a few hours.

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