Resources for Pest Control Customers

Here at Northeastern Exterminating we understand that our duty is beyond being a profitable business. We enjoy educating the public on resources they may not be aware of when they are dealing with a pest control problem. We have compiled a few websites that are helpful to customers when needing advice or direction during a confusing time of pest infestations.

  1. This is a great forum for everything bed bugs. It is viewed by experts as well as the general public. If you have a bed bug related question, or need free insect identification this is the place for you. Just make a user name and post any questions you may have. You may also browse the site to see if others have posted any questions or comments that interest you.
  2. This is a wonderful tool for apartment hunters to use to check if their prospective apartments have ever had an bed bug infestation. It works like this – If someone has had a bed bug infestation, they post it on the registry. They also include details about what apartment, if the landlord was proactive and if the problem was ever solved. Have some fun and search your zip code. See where there has been some reported infestations in your areas. You can even search hotels before going on vacation!
  3. This is a good information resource on bed bugs for NYC residents. Its gives you advice on tips for extermination, when to use mattress encasements how to avoid bed bugs and who is responsible for paying for the treatment.
These are just a few resources we want to provide you with. If you are an expert and have any more suggestions or information resources please feel free to comment below. We want the general public to be as informed as possible when dealing with bed bugs. Every step you take it an important one!

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