General Pest Control Questions – FAQ

In June, we posted a blog that addressed many questions that our wonderful customers asked us on twitter. Since we have gotten an over whelming response, and received many additional questions we are making a part two. Lets check out some questions that our great customers want to know the answers to. We hope you enjoy part 2.

Lisa from Greenpoint wants to know ” If i buy the bed bug spray at the stores, can i get rid of these bedbugs on my own? “.

  • Terrific question Lisa! The pesticides that are sold in stores and are labeled for bed bug use, will indeed kill bed bugs. The problem is that these chemicals designed to kill on contact and leave minimal to no active residue behind. You can temporarily minimize an infestation with these store bought sprays but due to pesticides resistance and no experience, your possible for success are low. Leave it to the experts to do the job once, The right way! There websites and books available for do-it-yourselfers, but its not recommended!
Nicole from Park Slope asked ” How do i know if my house is infested with termites?”
  • Nicole, most houses in park slope have many wooden beams in the basement. We suggest that you go into the basement and check the beams on the ceilings for any damage. Have a small tool such as a screw driver to lightly prod the wood. If you notice that the wooden beams flake away easily this is a greater possibility of  termites. Also you should look for termite mud tubes behind any wall voids or on the actual walls of basement. We always suggest that you hire a professional, because we have a trained eye for these things. Experience is key with termites.
Brittany from Fort Green posted ” How do i get rid of all these tiny tiny flies all over my loft?” 
  • Brittany, we recently posted a blog here with all the tips you need to know about those flies. Good luck, they sure can be pesky! Email us any further questions.
Shantel From Brownville asked ” Why do exterminator companies always try me to sign up for a return service”
  • Shantel, Northeastern Exterminating will usually schedule quarterly services when they notice a problem that could be an ongoing one. Sometimes certain peoples living conditions are more conducive to pest activity. When a pest control tech. witnesses this, they will try to set you up for return services to ensure your complete satisfaction with their service. Sometimes if you’ve had roaches for 6 years, its gonna take a few months to completely rid you of them.
Thank you to all our customers for keeping the lines of communication open and sending us these great tweets! Keep them coming! We have a part 3, and part 4 coming in the future. If you have any questions comments or concerns please comment below!

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