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We are a bed bug exterminator & we service all areas of New York for 
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Treating homes and business' for pests since 1994. 
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We have been treating Brooklyn's Bed Bug problems, roach infestations  and Brooklyns mice infestations for almost 20 years. No matter what your pest control need is, we will eliminate your pest problem.  you get special one-on-one attention. Theres a reason that we have been in business for almost 20 years. We have highly trained pest control exterminators who have been specialists exterminating in brooklyn We are also family owned and operated, so you wont get any careless strangers. Our blood sweat and tears are in this and we cost less than the other guys. We also wanted to let you know that you're really important to us, because we couldn’t be in business without you. We realize in these tough economic times, that sometimes you have to make decisions where to spend money, so we value your choice of using Northeastern exterminating. 

We Are the best in brooklyn at exterminating bed bugs. We have been brooklyns professional bed bug pest control company since 1994. We also service homes in brooklyn  for mice, rats, ants, bees, roaches, termites,  bed bugs, beetles, termites and MORE! 

We treat homes & businesses for pest control.
We have quantitative prices for land lords and building management companies. We also provide pest control for construction sites and NYC demolition pre-baiting. Give us a call for a pest quote.

We are a professionally trained bed bug exterminating company. Our technicians have over 15 Years experience performing bed bug treatments. The owner, Joseph, has 35 years experience in the pest control industry. We have been in business since 1994 with no complaints to the BBB for a reason.

We guarantee all work, and answer our phones whenever you call. ​
There is no problem that we cannot solve. Give us a call for an inspection today. Bed Bugs are pesky, but not impossible to get rid of. 

We have a 99% Success rating with Bed bugs, so give us a call and we will do the job right, the first time! 
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"..Joe is very professional, but not distant. They investigate, locate, and explain what they intend to do to address the problem. Always Friendly to my tenants, and identifies how they can assist in cutting down the sources of vermin."

- Joe C,  Park Slope 
     Honest.   Hardworking.   Effective. 

We will work with you or your property management closely to treat
your pest problem effectively.

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"..They are the top company for pest control in brooklyn. I had a small bed bug infestation and i had 2 companies come by prior to them and they could not locate the nest of bed bugs. so i called joe over because he was recommended by my sister and then as he was inspecting he moved my picture frame off my wall and there was a big clump of the bed bugs over there! i was shocked! this guy is a real brooklyn bed bug exterminator! he made me laugh the whole time too."

- Kathy, Ozone Park 

- Bed Bugs Reproduce by a method called traumatic insemination. Traumatic insemination is when the male bed bug pierces the female bed bugs abdomen and releases his seamen inside the underbelly of the female bed bug.

- Rats Incisors ( Front teeth ) have been measured to bite at about 3,000 Lbs per square inch.

- Ants, also known as Formicidae, has caused an estimated Five billion dollars worth of damage in this country EACH YEAR.

- Bed bugs remediation in new york has been on a steady increase over the past 20 years
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Heres a video of another satisfied customer: 
" I wanted to thank Joe and James for the great bed bug treatment they provided. i was worried about safety because i have a cat and two small children. They ensured me that everything was safe, and they would eliminate my bed bug infestation. They did that and more! They cleaned up beautifully after the service and you couldnt even tell that we have had a bed bug infestation. Thanks guys! I wish you the best!"

- Craig, Brooklyn Heights 
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