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Many people do not understand that proper preparation is key in eliminating your bed bug infestation. Although it is a lot of work, its something you will only want to do once. You will need the time and patience to do it. If you do not think you can handle it on your own, for a fee we may able to help you prepare. We always try to make our customers understand that the work that they do before as well as after the treatment can dictate the outcome of our treatment. Below are a few key steps in preparation, and what a customer should expect before an exterminator comes to treat your home. 

1.Take all linens off your bed and immediately put in tightly sealed garbage bags. Bed bugs main nesting areas are in and around your bed. It is very important that you seal up all your sheets that are on your bed. These linens are to be washed in hot water, after the treatment has been done.
2.Remove any boxes from underneath your bed. Many people have boxes under their bed with miscellaneous items such as pictures, and momentums. If you would rather not throw these items away, let the PCO know that these items were under your bed so he can inspect and treat them. If they are untreatable he may be able to inspect them, and if he see's no evidence of bed bugs on them he may let you keep them. Any linens underneath your bed should be washed, to kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs. 
3.Empty out all your dresser drawers and closets. Patiently take out all of your clothes and put them into tightly sealed bags. Wash all of these clothes in hot water. Wash according to the garment label. People often ask why it is necessary to wash clean clothes that are in a draw. On rare occasions bed bugs can travel away from their nests and may crawl into your dresser. To be 100% thorough we ask you to wash and dry all of your clothes. Better be safe then sorry!
4.Unplug all electronic items. Bed bugs are attracted to heat, and northeastern exterminating would like to treat your wall sockets and surge protectors. 
5.Vacuum your floors. Be sure to use a HEPA filter if you vacuum any bed bugs. After you vacuum please discard your vacuum bag. If your vacuum does not have a HEPA filter then please refrain from vacuuming. 
6.Take down your curtains. Please take the curtains off the windows and take them to laundromat with all your bagged clothes to be washed. 
7.Take covers off any decorative pillows as well as pillow cases and wash as well.

OKAY. We know, its a lot of work. What you need to understand is the better you prepare, the better treatment you will get. If you forget to do some of the aforementioned preparations, we don't mind helping you with a few things. If we arrive at the location and see that you did not prepare accordingly we may ask you to re schedule. Our reputation is on the line with every service that we perform. If the customer does not properly prepare, it will make us look bad when the infestation is not solved. We have been treating bed bugs for close to twenty years and have much experience with bed bugs. We are certain we can get rid of your problem, but we need to work as a team so that you do not need to spend any more money getting rid of this bed bug problem. If you are unable to do any of the preparations your self, we can provide you a service for a fee to help you prepare. 

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How to prepare for a bed bug treatment: